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Welcome to Trinity Baptist Church online! We are a friendly congregation of believers located in Osborne Village.


Love in my heart

How do you have hope as you face infertility? How does peace reign in your body as you struggle with addiction? What does joy look like as you see a loved one in pain 24/7? Where is the love?

These are things I faced and these are the questions that have begun to grow a deeper understanding of these four words. This has been a wrestle and to be honest I am still working with some of these words as I face certain situations in my life, but a good work has begun with my submission to Jesus and the work done on the cross. God said He would complete the good work that He started in me and that I could trust Jesus. I may not have all the answers to my questions, but what I do know is that in this love relationship, I have hope that God knows everything and that He will see me through all my struggles. I know that He gives a peace that transcends all understanding and that it can rule my heart. I’ve realized that joy is deeper than an emotion, it is strength that comes from the Lord.