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Today's Message

Welcome to Trinity Baptist Church online! We are a friendly congregation of believers located in Osborne Village.


Holy Week Gatherings:

Hi everyone, we are entering into the most significant times of reflection and worship as we recognize our Lord’s suffering, death and resurrection. As a church community we are going to be meeting together throughout this time and participating together in various ways:

1. Prayer and Fasting:

Although many of us have already been fasting from various things and some of you are already fasting from food, we would like to call the church to five days of fasting and listening prayer starting on Monday, April 10th and ending on Friday, April 14th (Good Friday). We recognize that some cannot fast from food for health reasons, but we want to encourage all of us to find even small ways to participate. Some may feel led to fast for a day, or one meal each day or from particular food- all of these approaches are great. Please be prayerful and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in this. During the week we want to ask that you meditate on the Lord’s sacrifice; that you read through the gospel accounts of his sufferings and death and resurrection and that you ask the Lord to speak to you about some aspect of his work and what it means to you. Remember, we are meditating on Freedom in Christ, so perhaps consider asking the Lord for a revelation of what his Freedom means for you!

2. Wednesday Evening Corporate Prayer:

On Wednesday evening we will be meditating on Christ’s journey to the cross in worship and in prayer. We will spend time fellowshipping with Jesus in his sufferings and praying for one another and those we love in this context.

3. Good Friday:

Our sister CBWC churches are hosting a Good Friday service at Willowlake Church at 45 Willowlake Crescent at 10am.


We will come together in the fellowship hall downstairs at Trinity Baptist at 6pm, to break our fast over soup and bread. Please bring either a soup or bread/buns and be prepared to share what God has shown you during your week of prayer and fasting. We will begin the evening with a time of communion.

4. Resurrection Sunday:

Our celebration of Jesus’ resurrection will begin around the tables for breakfast at 8:30am Breakfast will be provided so just come and enjoy some hot coffee and warm fellowship! We will begin our service at 10am sharp in the basement. If you are unable to come for breakfast and arrive at church just before or around 10am, please come to the basement for the beginning of our service. We will move the service to the sanctuary by about 10:10am. Please be aware that the service will be flip-flopped on Easter Sunday. We will begin the service with a message on the Resurrection and respond to that message with songs of Praise! As a result of this, we ask that you do your best to arrive at church on time.