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TBC Kids Ministry

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Our vision at TBC Kids is to see each child develop their own authentic personal relationship with God. We pray that out of this relationship we see the child grow into a mature, fruitful and faithful disciple of Christ. At Trinity Baptist, the entire congregation works together to help equip our children while recognizing that ultimately a child's salvation is in the hands of the Lord. Regardless of where a child's relationship stands, we all take great care in ministering to each individual.

Home Groups

Home Groups are fundamental in growing and experiencing genuine community. Sharing lives within an Acts 2 model and staying connected is how we grow spiritually as we encourage and exhort one another in Kingdom living.

We believe in inter-generational integration where we value all age groups. We eat together, discuss faith, study scripture, worship, pray with one another, serve our communities and... oh ya, have plenty of fun as a family!

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Corporate Prayer

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Trusting in God's initiative and faithfulness

Throughout scripture, we see God's people praying. Leviticus 24:1-4 talks about the flames of the golden lamp stands, burning night and day, and they were not allowed to go out. Prayer is a continuous discipline that forms our relationship with God, Jesus and the equipping of the Holy Spirit. Pray without ceasing is a sign of our dependency on Him. We see our Wednesday night corporate prayer as essential in presenting our requests, as well as listening to God's initiatives for us the bride of Christ, and for our community.



Operation World - Jason Mandryk

Jason Mandryk was born, grew up, and studied in Canada before moving to the UK to join the Operation World team. For 20 years, he has served through multiple editions and publications of this ministry, as researcher, editor, author, and team leader. He is thrilled to minister in an exciting time when we are seeing the increasing convergence of information, prayer, and mission. He enjoys being outdoors amidst God's created grandeur.

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Jason Mandryk

Gimli Bible Camp - Don and Charlotte Roe

Don And Charlotte Roe

Don and Charlotte Roe are the directors of Gimli Bible Camp. Our camp exists to present the Gospel to those having the least opportunity to hear of Christ and disciple believers for living and serving through His Church. As the majority of our children come from non-churched background we are always looking for help from believers to fulfill this mission.

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Acts 13 - Roly and Cristina Grenier

Roly and Cristina are directors of the ACTS 13 ministry of WEC International. They have been building up Mobilization Teams in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa to bring Mission Awareness to local churches, recruit and train missionaries and to work alongside national, local churches in sending out their own workers to the unreached in Africa and elsewhere.

Roly and Cristina travel throughout the region starting new mobilizing teams in African countries, bringing training to existing teams, visiting Churches that have sent workers out to the field and visiting workers on the field to encourage them. We are privileged to be part of what God is doing in Africa and through His Church.

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Roly Cristina Grenier

Multiply - Cory and Masami Giesbrecht

Cory Masami Giesbrecht

Cory and Masami have been in Osaka, Japan with Multiply where they work with local churches in the areas of community service, discipleship, evangelism, and leadership development. They have a passion for the marginalized, ministering in Home Group settings to those who are living on the streets of Osaka.

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